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Scott Satterfield

Knife Maker




Always having  a need to fill a creative drive, I started  off drawing and became a published artist. From there I moved  into woodworking for more than 30 years focusing on furniture made with handcut joinery. 

This led me to a need for custom table legs and the acquisition of my first lathe. As a self taught turner, I instantly became infatuated with the endless possibilities of manipulating the lines of woodgrain with contour.  Naturally this led me to turning hollow forms and vessels with highly figured woods. This obsession with woodgrains has brought me to where I am now, knife making...a specialized medium where I can showcase the beautiful woodgrain on a knife while creating functional art. I have quickly learned there is so much more to knife making than I ever could have imagined and have become obsessed with creating a quality handcrafted knife that will last for generations. 

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